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Back to the future

Faithful time machine of Doc Emmet BROWN and Marty MCFLY.

​ The choice of this car, by the producers, is not due to chance: in 1985, the DeLorean is an archetype of old-fashioned futurism, this car having been announced with a bang at the end of the years 1970 as the "car of the future" but its production having been stopped dead in 1982, because of the bankruptcy of the company, the poor performance of the car having not convinced the public, nor justified its exorbitant price. Thus, in 1985, the DeLorean was seen both as a futuristic car and as a car already belonging to the past: this explains both the enthusiasm of Doc Brown (who saw in it a symbol of modernity and technology) and the more nuanced reaction of Marty McFly (for whom it is a cheesy and clumsy car), as well as the successive breakdowns that the car experiences at the end of the first film.

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