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Taxi 4 and 5

The Peugeot lion is back for the last 2 installments of the saga, and he's wilder than ever!

Initially, Franck Gastambide had planned an important role for Samy Nacéri. "In my first treatment, Samy had a real role: he arrived at the end of the film to help us resolve the story. Luc Besson told me that the character could not have such an important place because we had need a new duo of heroes and make it their film. We couldn't rely on the old ones. We then said to ourselves that Samy had to make at least an appearance, in the blink of an eye. We have Bernard Farcy , we have Edouard Montoute, we have the 407... But we needed Samy. We saw each other, we had a drink, we discussed the conditions... But he didn't want to accept a simple appearance We respected his decision. I'm really sad because I would have loved to offer this to the public", laments Gastambide.

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