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This pack   will allow you to share a unique experience alongside the person to whom you offered a ride!
Indeed, it will then be possible for you to ride in the back of the vehicle during the entire session and be in the front row.
This pack gives you rear passenger access to a car of your choice, for one person, among  cars with rear seats. 

Cars compatible with this pack: 
-Ford Torino Starsky & Hutch
-Van A-Team All Risks Agency
-Peugeot Taxi 2
-Nissan Skyline GTR34 Fast And Furious 
-Mitsubishi Evo VII Fast And Furious
-Volkswagen Jetta Fast And Furious 
-Mitsubishi Eclipse Fast And Furious-
-Choupette Herbie
-Bumblebee Transformers
-Dodge Charger General Lee Sheriff Scare Me
-BMW 750 IL James Bond
-Ford Mustang Barricade 
-Peugeot 407 Taxi 5

Additional passenger


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