Rent Dom's FAST AND FURIOUS 7 Offroad Dodge Charger

One day rent : 1750$ (plus 2$/mile)


 Yes, one of only two survivor Offroad Dodge Charger driven onscreen by Vin Diesel among the 7 built by production can now be rented out for your events.


It comes straight out of Dennis McCarthy's workshop, and according to him the scene in which the car starred is his favorite to date in all the Fast and Furious franchise. We can't blame him, whats not to love? Dropped from an airplane, engaging a chase under fire to end up racing Jason Statham in a forest and rolling down the side of a mountain. Most of the shots were practical effects on this one, unlike the latest installment.


This is arguably one of the three coolest Fast and Furious vehicles, along with Paul Walker's orange Supra and Dom's "regular" Charger.



Model : Dodge Charger (Custom Offroad frame)

Model Year : 1970

Engine : 500 hp LS3 V8

Gearbox : 3 speed Automatic 

Seats 2 (driver included)